Tower Bridge between Yolo and Sacramento Counties

About Us

The van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation is a private foundation based in San Francisco whose mission is to promote social justice in Northern California by means of legal services and advocacy. The Foundation views the law as a bridge to justice that can be used to right social wrongs, effect social change, and contribute to reducing human suffering.

The Foundation stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). The board and staff of the Foundation acknowledge our country’s history of racism and violence against BIPOC communities. We align our actions with community partners who are working to dismantle systemic racism and abolish practices of unequal treatment and criminalization that dehumanize BIPOC. We reject the racist practices embedded in our country's institutions, especially those in our legal system. This, together with our core value of equitable access to justice, will continue to guide our work moving forward, and prompted the Foundation to make several grants to lift up and recognize organizations fighting for racial justice through advocacy and systemic change. Each is BIPOC-led, each has a longstanding relationship with the Foundation, and each grant was made in support of building power and justice for BIPOC individuals and communities. Please refer to our Grants List for more information.

To learn the process to apply for a grant, please refer to the Grants section of the website. To begin a grant application, please log on to apply.

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